Temporarily closed(5/31 Resumption of operations)

Today, the Vietnamese authorities have issued an indefinite [suspension] order to our company.

We would like to inform you that our situation.
A large-scale cluster of Covid-19 infection has occurred at our customer.
Unfortunately, our 3 delivery staff have been certified as F1 (someone who had close contact) , so we have been restricted from going to work from May 17th.
From May 20th today, we have been closed in accordance with the [suspension of operations] order of the authorities.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused to our business partners, and thank you for your understanding.
In addition, we will inform you about the resumption of operations in the new information on this website.


(Added on May 22, 2021)
Three F1 (close contact) certified staff and all other employees were judged “negative” in the first PCR test.

(Added on May 24, 2021)
Three F1 (close contact) certified staff were judged “negative” in the second PCR test.

(Added on May 31, 2021)
The operation suspension order from the authorities has been lifted. The operation has resumed from today.