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Risk of Outsourcing to A Bad Supplier


It has been a long time since overseas procurement has been required in the manufacturing industry, but in recent years the degree has been increasing and the need for overseas procurement is increasing. For overseas procurement, which has many parts that are different from general domestic purchasing, it is essential to be a reliable supplier that can handle flexible commercial distribution.

However, it is NOT enough when selecting a supplier for overseas procurement !!

The supplier can handle to trading issue?

Even if you are satisfied with your purchase, it is meaningless unless the purchased items arrive at the required location. Although delivery in local country has small risk but if import to Japan and import and exports to neighboring countries, flexible trade is required.

Wait a minute !! Is it a reliable material?

In Japanese domestic, the supplier make a fake material is only a rare case, but in overseas, this is a daily occurrence. Those supplier can make fake SDS (Safety Data Sheet),material maker, history of sales, LOT

How to avoid being caught by malicious overseas suppliers

When selecting an overseas supplier, It’s better that should use a Japanese research institution or a local research company. This way can to give you assurance, but the research methods just only word-of-mouth and interviews. If they are a listed company, you can get IR document, but if the supplier is smaill and have low price, it’s difficult to get information.The investigation is difficult. Even if the corporation goes bankrupt and the representative disappears after the defective delivery, it cannot be tracked from overseas.

About the after-sales follow-up system

If it is a finished product or a semi-finished product, it is OK if you are satisfied with the quality and price of the delivered product. If the delivered item is a mold, it is necessary to buy mold parts during mass production. If it costs a lot to buy parts during mass production site, the overseas procurement will be delayed. It would be convenient to have a supplier window in both the source and mass production countries.

In many countries, there are services that print and sell fake material bags, and there are many overseas suppliers who take away their advance payments without shipping, so it is not easy to find a truly reliable overseas supplier.
At PRONICS HANOI, we procure materials only from reliable material trading companies and have evidence that they do not contain RoHS regulated substances with X-ray analyzers. We also provide Japanese quality support and after-sales follow-up according to customer specifications.

That's why we recommend Pronics !!